Maureen A. Carr

Clients: Maureen A. Carr, Institute for the Arts & Humanities, School of Music, The Pennsylvania State University

Speaker: Maureen A. Carr, Distinguished Professor of Music Theory, The Pennsylvania State University

Dates: 2006–2015

Igor Stravinsky’s Compositional Process for Duo Concertant (1931-1932)
Tracking the Creative Process in Music at IRCAM, Paris [2015]

Ideas on the Future of Modernist Studies: Tracking the Creative Process
Contemplating the Musical Idea at the University of North Carolina [2015]

City Lights: A Night at the Symphony
Penn State Alumni Association Pre-concert Reception at the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia [2014] 

1917 Revolution in the Arts: Burliuk’s Neomorphism and Stravinsky’s Neoclassicism
Society for Music Theory National Conference [2014]

Stravinsky’s Compositional Process for Le Rossignol  [Solovey/The Nightingale]
The Rite at 100 at the Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory [2013] and at the University of North Carolina [2012]

The musical sketches for Stravinsky’s Second Piano Sonata (1924)
Rethinking Stravinsky in Salerno, Italy [2012]

The Metamorphosis of Stravinsky’s style in the Swiss years: Stravinsky’s Renard and Histoire
International Musicological Society (IMS) Conference in Rome, Italy [2012]

After the Rite: The Beginning of Stravinsky’s Path to Neoclassicism
European Music Analysis Conference (EUROMAC) in Rome [2011]

After the Rite: Stravinsky’s Compositional Process for Renard [The Fox] 1915-1916
Joint Conference of the Seventh International Conference of Music Since 1900 and the Lancaster Music Analysis Conference (ICMSN7/LancMAC) at the University of Lancaster, England [2011]

Stravinsky’s Firebird
Weiss Seminar, Penn State University [2009]

Paris/Moscow/St. Petersburg: Franco-Russian Relations in Politics, Society, and the Arts
Weiss Seminar, Penn State University [2009]

Evidence of Stravinsky’s Past in the Music of Pulcinella
Weiss Seminar, Penn State University [2009]

Stravinsky’s Appropriation of the "Rag Idiom" in Histoire du soldatRagtime, and Piano-Rag-Music
Weiss Seminar, Penn State University [2009]

Order and Chaos in Stravinsky’s Concertino (1920)
Conference on Music Analysis Today: Crisis or (R)evolution at the University of Strasbourg, France [2009]
Music Theory Society of the Middle Atlantic States at George Mason University [2009]

The Two Faces of Stravinsky’s Piano-Rag-Music: Portrait or Collage
18th Congress of the International Musicological Society in Zurich, Switzerland [2007]

Evidence of Stravinsky’s Past in the Sketches for Pulcinella
71st meeting meeting of the American Musicological Society
 in Washington, D.C. [2005]